The Liebster Award Interview

1.Do you have an embarrassing crush on a celebrity? We all know you do, so who and why?

Supernanny. Jo, something. As a man who finds himself on the wrong end of a female berating more often than sense dictates, it may as well be by the best in the business, so why not get a relationship out of it at the same time?

2.Who do you write for? Yourself, an audience, someone special or just to vent?

No matter what people tell you about the untapped capacity of the brain, there are only so many thoughts that can fit in there before they begin dribbling out your nose. as a novelist primarily, this blogging malarkey is a pleasant way to vent without necessarily having to tie it in to a story.

3.Do you have a writing role model? If so, who?

Douglas Adams. You can read his stories from any point as they are an unparrallelled stream of wittering that loosely hang off a narrative trickle. Imagination rules the tale and is given every chance to flourish, and how it flourishes with hidden wisdom and flippant genius.

4.What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done? Ever.

Off the cuff, hitched a lift with a pair of Rock chicks in New Zealand, who proceeded to force me to roll funny cigarettes for them as they sped towards their ferry, forced me to inhale, then left me at the side of a road utterly confused on a bank of grass with a big bag of crisps and an hour to collect my thoughts.

5.If your friendship group, would you label yourself as something? (I’m the organised one)

I think the other people in the group should be the ones to award me such a label. I may be sat here thinking I’m the hilarious one, when they see me as the one they wish would sod off.

6.Do you have a life goal that is just downright silly?

To make the world realise this life business is all just a bit silly, and stress just ruins it, so be nice to each other, because it isn’t hard and it would have a massive impact on society.

7.What is one thing you simply couldn’t live without?

My thoughts, and they’re ridiculous take on the world that keeps me constantly entertained as I potter about existence.

8.What’s your weirdest high school memory?

Being told off for a mysterious chewing gum incident along with every other boy in the school, because apparently girls didn’t chew the stuff. according to the headmaster of the time.

9.Have you ever tried online dating? If so, how did it go? If not, why? It’s fun!

Yes. It’s funny because of how awkward it is, and there’s nothing as funny as social awkwardness, especially when it’s your own.

10.Everyone should have a life motto (or two, or three)… what’s yours?

Never lose your shoes; and the patient man always wins.


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One response to “The Liebster Award Interview”

  1. thisisphoebeandherbrain says :

    Haha, excellent. Number 4 made me laugh out loud.

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