Brick Wall, Grade Five Hero and Graduate of Evil University

Brick Wall is one half of a pair of fictional heroes that amble their way through a series of Science Fiction/Comedy novels. Their meandering philosophy on life is not restricted to missions to save the Earth and the Universe, or enrolling in Evil University by mistake, but span all of existence; predominantly the intricacies of life that we so often pass off as irrelevant.

Follow their dubious wisdom here, or enter their universe through their FREE novels.

T is for Time: When aliens attempt to take over the Earth, by freezing time and stealing all the tea and coffee, two hapless misfits are charged with saving humanity.

Unintended Heroes: When Insidious Chi threatens the universe with apathy, all its heroes are gathered to do battle. Unfortunately two bumbling Earthlings qualify for an invite.

Brick Wall can also be followed on Facebook, and even become your buddy, and Twitter.


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